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More Rakeback for More Players

Sign up for the VIP rewards program and start earning poker Rakeback today. After you sign up, the more you play, the more Rakeback you earn. In other words, Rounder Casino rewards you with bonus cash every week just for playing the game you love! (In addition to our Rake Race and Tournament Leaderboard Prizes.)

What is Rake? What is Rakeback?

Rake is the money that comes out of cash game pots that make it to the flop and go to the casino.

Rakeback is money that the poker room pays back to a player. This money comes from a player paying rake in poker games.

How do I earn Rakeback points?

You earn points on each cash game hand that sees a flop. For every dollar of rake you generate, you earn one point. As stated above, more poker, more points, more money in your pocket each week.

Earn Rakeback — VIP rewards

There are five VIP poker Rakeback levels: Player, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Of course, when you climb in levels, your rewards increase. The amount of rake you generate determines your VIP level. Do you want even more? If you do, check out VIP select rewards.

These are the minimum levels you must generate to hit each level:

VIP Level Points Rakeback Payment (USDT) Rakeback %
Player 25 5
50 10
75 15
Bronze 100 30 30%
150 45
200 60
250 75
300 90
350 105
400 120
450 135
Silver 500 200 40%
600 240
700 280
800 320
900 360
Gold 1000 500 50%
1200 600
1400 700
1600 800
1800 900
Platinum 2000 1200 60%
120 USDT per 200 points earned above 2000

Poker Rakeback rules

Rounder Casino may:
Poker Rakeback conditions: